An Eagle Court-of-Honor Agenda


Additional Documents to Print (in Adobe PDF format)

Program Headings:


     Our church has two stories. The downstairs is a large area and a kitchen for receptions and the like. We ask the Eagle family to prepare a display of pictures, patches, and memorabilia for a display table in the reception area. The table is decorated with a few red, white, and blue balloons. It's a convenient place to drop cards. A cloth Eagle banner is put on the table for guests and troop members to write short congratulatory messages and signatures with permanent cloth markers - be cautious and find fine tipped markers and TEST them. Sometimes brands like Rub-a-Dub bleed and become illegible when used on the thin cotton the banner is made of. It's catalog number Z11008 36x36 inches for $22.45. The troop has one we use only for Troop Eagle Scouts to sign, which we use on of our Eagle ceremony table.


     As families and guest arrive 2 to 4 "best dressed" Scouts should greet them, hand them a printed program, and point them to the seating area. They should direct all uniformed Scouts, Cub, Boy, and Girl Scouts downstairs to gather for the opening Grand Parade. Eagle parents should have seats prepared in the back of the hall for them to sit in until the start of the program.

Grand Parade

     All uniformed Scouts should be gathered downstairs. When music starts, clear the center aisle. Either have Two Eagle Scouts, or two other senior Scouts, escort the parents of the new Eagle Scout, and the new Eagle Scout, to their seats just in front of the Eagle's Nest. When parents are standing at their chairs, start the Grand Parade. Flags are carried in, followed by Cub Scouts and their uniformed leaders, Other uniformed Scouts, followed by Troop members. Have a Cub Scout adult leader start seating the cubs in the front row, filling up the rows as they go along. Everyone should remain standing.

Pledge of Allegiance– Senior Patrol Leader and Assistant Senior Patrol Leader

     Would everyone please rise and join me in the Pledge of Allegiance. [After the pledge] Two! Thank you. Please be seated.

Welcome – Committee Chair, or Chartered Organization Representative

     The time has come to recognize the recipients of the Eagle Award. By the authority invested in me by the Boy Scouts of America, I now declare this Eagle Court-of-Honor to be officially opened.

     [Welcoming speech goes here.]

Opening Ceremony : - Senior Patrol Leader and Assistant Senior Patrol Leader

     Click here for one of our favorite openings (pdf format) 

Presentation of Eagle Candidates – Committee Chair

Invocation – Priest, Revenant, or Rabbi, as appropriate for Duty to God

Eagle Biographies

SCOUT BIOGRAPHY FOR ____________________

     _____ began his trail to Eagle Scout as a Webelos Scout in ___________'s Pack 39. He moved forward on the trail earning the Webelos Badge and the Arrow of Light award. In ________, he became a member of Troop __. An active participant in Troop __ activities, ______ passed his Board of Review for Tenderfoot on _________________; Second Class on ____________; and First Class Scout on ______________. He continued on to become a Star Scout on ____________; Life Scout on _____________; and reached his goal on ____________, when he passed his Eagle Board of Review. Along the trail to Eagle, ________ has earned twenty-one merit badges. He has been a member of the troop leadership serving as Instructor, Quartermaster, Troop Guide, Patrol Leader, and is currently a Junior Assistant Scoutmaster. He was inducted into the Order of the Arrow, a brotherhood of honor campers, as an Ordeal member. ________’s Eagle project was ________________________________________________________.

     ___________ is a member of the senior class of __________ High School where he is a member of the ______________ and ____________ teams. He plays ___________ in the __________ Band. He also is a member of the _________________. Justin plans to be attend the _______________ next year pursuing a degree in ______________.

Eagle Pledge – By an adult Eagle Scout

     An Adult Eagle Scout from the community should be recruited to present the Eagle Pledge. Here is our favorite version. (pdf format) 

Presentation of the Badge – Scoutmaster

Presentation of the Eagle Neckerchief – Troop 39

     Two Troop Eagle Scouts, or Two Senior Scouts remove the troop neckerchief and slide. Place the Eagle neckerchief on the new Eagle Scout. Shake hands with the Eagle Scout, and each parent. Be seated.

Scoutmaster’s Message – Scoutmaster

Eagle Charge – Can be presented by the Council Advancement Chairman, a community leader, or an adult requested by the Eagle Scout family.

     Here is the Eagle Charge we like to use. (pdf format) 

Introduction of Dignitaries and Congratulatory Letters - Assistant Scoutmaster or Committee Chairman

Eagle Address – New Eagle Scout

Closing Remarks – Committee Chair

  1. Remind everyone to honor the Eagle Scouts by signing the new Eagle banner located on a display table downstairs in the reception area.
  2. Ask the Eagle Scouts and their parents to return to the ceremony table at the end of closing for pictures.

Benediction – Priest, Revenant, or Rabbi, as appropriate for Duty to God.

Closing Ceremony – Senior Patrol Leader and Assistant Senior Patrol Leader

     Would all Boy Scouts and Former Boy Scouts please stand and join me in the Scout Oath. [Repeat the Oath]. Color guard please retire the colors. [The color guard should collect the flags. New Eagle Scouts and their parents should follow, then the Cub Scouts, then Boys Scouts. Lead them downstairs.]

Troop 39 Marlborough,
Oct 5, 2009, 9:47 PM
Troop 39 Marlborough,
Oct 5, 2009, 9:28 PM
Troop 39 Marlborough,
Oct 5, 2009, 8:45 PM
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Oct 5, 2009, 9:29 PM
Troop 39 Marlborough,
Oct 5, 2009, 9:29 PM